Sometimes I come back even after walking a few steps. Whenever we feel that we are not on a better path in life, then first of all change the path, even if we have to take a few steps back. Life is not that difficult as we sometimes see it in our imaginations. Just control the horse of faith in the right way and always test your mind and live life with full enthusiasm.

My name is Satyendra, but my father always called me by the name Satya. Whenever he is happy, he tells me that you are my truth. When I was child, I could never understand that he really sees in me the image of his own existence, but today I believe that I am really re image to my father.

My childhood was undecorated, but full of faith. I loved math so i took maths in class 12th and also prepared for engineering but my mind got changed, Then once again i did 12th with biology and then did what I loved. Trying to relieve people from their problems in life. I am a surgeon now. Completed my studies from both Lucknow and Allahabad Medical Colleges, but my home is the most lovely, that's why I found it more practical to practice in Jhansi among my family and my people.

Spent beautiful childhood moments in Mahoba's Sijhari village, studied primary from there and rest education in Jhansi. Today it's been over 15 years, practicing but still feels like life is still full of possibilities.

Every personality is associated with an ideal which shapes that personality and makes it strong. Makes him mentally and physically more powerful. An anecdote from childhood that turned my life towards a new path. When I was child , one day I went to visit Jhansi Fort with my father. There were a lot of monkeys and I kept on eating guavas. Seeing that, many monkeys started coming towards me and I started running with screaming. That's why my father standing nearby said wait don't run away throw that guava. I did the same. In the evening, father was saying to mother. This is exactly like Vivekananda. He was running after seeing the monkeys and the monkeys were not running after him but after his guava. When I asked my father, who is this Vivekananda. Then father said, he was a very knowledgeable person who spread the pride of India all over the world. He was a sannyasin whose knowledge and wisdom is acknowledged by the whole world. Then one day father brought me a book. Inspirational stories of Vivekananda, that book changed my way of thinking and Swami Vivekananda became the first ideal of my personality.

Life is a path full of oddities, but the one who walks on it without fear, life definitely gives him the gift of success. I have achieved them many times in my life. Like my leaving math’s and taking up biology and then getting first rank in CPMT from Jhansi, those moments were very memorable, even today I remember them again and again.

Dr. Probal Nagoi. That installment of my ideal personality which I got at an important stage of life, during my MS.a wonderful personality who enriched my personality with his personality and helped me to understand the purpose of life in a more mature way which empowered my life and the sensibilities of a doctor due to which I am able to do my work as a doctor did it perfectly.

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